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PET Emergency Treatment

Specialty Services

With our Board-Certified Specialists, our dedicated veterinarians work collaboratively with a team of veterinary specialists who diagnose and treat pets with unique or challenging needs. Our board-certified internal medicine specialist is trained to treat complex conditions through a variety of innovative techniques, unique to the Alaska market.

Internal Medicine

Our internists see pets to prevent, diagnose, and treat a variety of conditions on a referral basis, usually through the pet’s primary care veterinarian. Pets with challenging needs who require advanced diagnostics and access to our hospital’s unique resources are treated by our board-certified specialist who understands that pets are family.

Internal medicine encompasses a wide range of pet healthcare services that include surgical, cardiology, oncology, emergency care, preventative care, and advanced diagnostics to address each pet’s complete health needs.

Stem Cell Therapy

The goal of stem cell therapy is to promote the healing of damaged tissue, slow the progression of disease and cartilage degeneration, and provide long-term anti-inflammatory effects. A concentrated form of your pet’s natural healing cells derived from fat tissue are capable of differentiating into a variety of tissue types which include tendon, ligament, cartilage, bone and muscle. These cells are injected into damaged tissue where they stimulate regeneration and help reduce pain, inflammation, and repair the damaged tissue. Stem cell therapy is commonly used for orthopedic and soft tissue injuries, arthritis, rehabilitation therapies, and other injuries and illnesses.

In addition to offering this new innovative therapy, PET Inc. is currently the only hospital in the state of Alaska that has the capabilities to practice stem cell production in-house. The benefits of handling the production of stem cells in-house begins with a significant decrease in the time and steps needed to a complete a full cycle of stem cell treatment. This allows the patient to begin experiencing the healing effects of stem cell therapy shortly after the process has begun.